What voters want: Honesty or intelligence?

Partisanship determines preferences in what voters look for in a president.


Partisan differences between Democrats and Republicans are increasingly stark – and may now even extend to the character traits voters look for in a president.

Recent research conducted By Lincoln Park Strategies and GroupSolver finds that while all voters value “honesty,” “intelligence” and “leadership” in a candidate, Democrats, Republicans and Independents differ significantly in the priorities they put on these traits.

In a qualitative online study using the GroupSolver platform, we asked 500 American voters what the most important characteristics a candidate for president should have.

All of our respondents said they valued honesty, intelligence, and leadership, regardless of region, race, age, gender, party, or the amount of attention being paid to the upcoming election. But both Democrats and Independents said they are looking for honesty and leadership first and foremost, while Republicans placed intelligence ahead of both.

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