The American Prosperity agenda – Economic growth and middle-class success

The New Democrat Coalition's American Prosperity Agenda lays out the right blueprint for America's future growth.

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In his 2015 State of the Union address, President Barack Obama laid out a vision for what he called “middle class economics” – a broad outline for the revival of the American middle class.

This week, the New Democrat Coalition unveiled an economic agenda that both builds on the President’s framework and offers a broad suite of concrete proposals to ensure both long-term economic growth and middle class success.

The New Democrat Coalition’s “American Prosperity” Agenda offers a three-part approach: (1) macro-economic fixes to grow the economy, boost innovation and invest in the drivers of job growth, such as infrastructure; (2) solutions to help individuals and families succeed in a changing global economy, such as educational reform and better access to job skills training and quality childcare; and (3) a commitment to smart, cost-effective government, including regulatory reform and such innovative proposals as a “Yelp for Government” to promote better government responsiveness to citizens’ needs.

In an era when American politics is too often dominated by sound bites and ideological posturing, the American Prosperity agenda is a refreshing return to pragmatic, solutions-driven policymaking.

And significantly, the American Prosperity agenda also offers what progressives need as they head into what will be a momentous presidential cycle: an agenda that can unify all progressives around the shared goals of broad-based prosperity and an active, effective, and cost-effective government relevant to the lives of ordinary Americans.

While some pundits and the press would prefer to re-open old wounds or magnify divisions between the center and the left, the truth is much more optimistic: With the American Prosperity Agenda, progressives have a framework and an opportunity to advance a broadly appealing economic agenda that will also set the course for the nation’s long-term economic success.

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