7 things you need to know about millennials and politics

Millennials are unlike any other generation preceding them. What will their impact be on politics? Image credit: iStockphoto by Getty

1. Millennials are more likely to be political Independents than any other generation.
Despite voting for President Obama by double-digits in 2008 and 2012, 50% of Millennials are self-described Independents.

2. Millennials are open to government solutions.
Millennials support a bigger government providing more services over a smaller government providing fewer services by 53% to 38%.

3. Millennials are the most racially and ethnically diverse generation.
Approximately 40% of Millennials are non-white or Hispanic.

4. Millennials are the most moderate of any generation.
A plurality of Millennials (39%) are moderates, with another 31% describing their political views as liberal, and 26% as conservative.

5. Millennial views on abortion are nearly identical to their elders.
While 56% of Americans believe abortion should be legal in all or most cases, 54% of Millennials agree.

6. Millennials are not isolationists.
By 20 points, Millennials were more supportive than the Silent Generation of the military conducting nation-building in Iraq and Afghanistan. And 60% said the U.S. made the right decision in to use force in Afghanistan—14 points higher than Silents.

7. Millennials think immigrants strengthen our country.
Nearly seven in ten Millennials think that newcomers strengthen American society, with a paltry 27% saying newcomers threaten our customs and values. In contrast, 44% of Baby Boomers and 40% of the Silent Generation say immigrants strengthen our country, while 46% of Baby Boomers and 45% of the Silent Generation say newcomers are a threat.

Michelle Diggles is Senior Political Analyst at Third Way. Follow: @michellediggles

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